After the Adrenaline…

As we think of active assailants, large fires, and other major incidents, it is tempting to think of the event “ending” when the shooting stops or the flames are extinguished. In many cases, however, this activity is just the beginning of the total event timeline as recovery efforts commence and the district tries to transition to a “new norm.”

The OASSN 2019 Fall Summit will focus on these recovery issues including student/parent reunification, victim support, grieving, and other efforts.  Please save the date for this important component of school safety and security planning.

Summit Highlights:

  • Keynote Address – “After the Adrenaline…” – Carmen Kucinich, FBI Victim Support Specialist, will draw from her personal experience – including most recently a deployment to El Paso shooting – to provide the picture of what happens after the initial response to an event – everything from reunification to victim support to restoration of services (i.e., how do you get back to education) to individual/community grieving and recovery and so on.
  • Reunification Planning – The session will include an overview of the components of a solid reunification plan, practical considerations in its implementation, and time for districts working with local first responders to evaluate where they are in planning and next steps to make it better.
  • Review of state safety and security requirements – Recently a memo was distributed to schools with requirements. This session will provide additional guidance.
  • OASSN Collaboration Team Kick-Off Meetings – Following lunch, the OASSN Collaboration Teams will meet to kick off their future work. The Collaboration Teams include:
    • Physical & Mental Health
    • Facilities
    • Transportation
    • Planning & Training
    • Policy, Advocacy & Legal
    • Internal & External Communications
    • Information & Communication Technology


OASSN 2019 Fall Summit
  • September 26, 2019
    8:00 am - 11:30 am


12220 Fillmore ST, #310, West Olive, Michigan, 49460, United States


Main Conference Room