On November 30, 2021, a mass shooting occurred at Oxford High. In October 23, 2023 the final report on this incident was published. While there have been debriefs for law enforcement and other first responders, OASSN is hosting a special seminar with a focus for educators to learn from this tragedy.

Dave Pass, retired Deputy Superintendent of Human Resources for Oxford Public Schools, and Jason Louwaet, retired Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputy and SRO for Oxford Public Schools, will present a debrief on the Oxford School shooting geared for educators. The seminar will cover a variety of topics that include what happened, what worked and what didn’t, lessons learned, and recommended practices. Both Dave and Jason are currently employed with Secure Environment Consultants as the vice president of professional services a senior lead consultant, respectively

We encourage schools’ administrators, school security directors, district security leads, school resource officers, school mental health professionals, and other first responders to attend.  Space is limited to 120 individuals. This is not a public or media event.

NOTE: This is a separate event from the OASSN 2024 Spring Summit earlier that day. Please register for both events independently.

Oxford School Shooting Debrief
  • Oxford School Shooting Debrief
    March 13, 2024
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


12220 Fillmore ST, #310, West Olive, Michigan, 49460, United States


Main Conference Room