President of Amplified Life Network

Lyle Labardee is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Coach with more than 25 years of crisis management experience. He specializes in the delivery of critical incident response services and is the founder and former CEO of the largest nationwide provider of EAP-based, on-site crisis response services for business and industry, Crisis Care Network; now R3 Continuum. He has provided crisis response training to hundreds of fellow practitioners and business leaders throughout the US.

While earning his undergraduate degree at the University of Dayton Mr. Labardee served in the Dayton Fire Department. As he continued his education, he also continued his first responder work as an emergency medical technician and firefighter in Erie, Pennsylvania. After graduate school, he served as an emergency services counselor at a local hospital and actively participated in helping the community during and after a series of F4 and F5 tornadoes swept through and devastated the area. 10 years of direct public safety experience gives him a deeper understanding of situations from a first responder’s view and the struggle to manage feelings of personal responsibility to family, the community, and the department.

His work with Crisis Care Network provided a wealth of experience in large-scale post incident management including 9/11 and the Columbine school shooting  managing the response to hundreds of requests for service, providing counselors to the trauma sites, coordinating appointments and facilitating organizational and individual recovery.

Mr. Labardee is currently the Director of Behavioral Science for Diversified Protection and Investigation LLC. and co-founder and owner of Amplified Life Network, LLC where he specializes in clinical services and consulting to public safety professionals, business leaders and others presenting with work-related issues including traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, relational issues, and substance use. Mr. Labardee’s Amplified Life team also produces and distributes health and wellness content to organizations such as United Airlines, NASA and the FBI.

Lyle Labardee

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